Tips for a GREAT session!

Planning ahead makes ALL the difference.

How to get the best images from your session

 Here are a few things to think about....from the Professionals:


Consider your home: Our many years of experience have taught us to recommend something that expresses you and/or your family's individuality and consider how and where you will display your images. Most people do use family portraits as decor. Therefore, you may want to match or coordinate with your rooms' color schemes and style for a cohesive look.

Consider the "crowd": Keep in mind that your portrait is a moment captured in time. If you take family portraits pretty often, go ahead and dress more trendy. If this is a group that is rarely together in one place, you might want to choose a look that is more timeless since it will likely hang on your walls for years to come. With larger and multi-generational groups, it is much easier to see faces and expressions if the clothing choices are simple. Multiple and/or varied patterns in clothing  are not recommended.

Consider the environment: If you are being photographed outside, keep the weather in mind. We know you love that formal suit, but is your session in the summer in Florida?....maybe not the best choice for an outdoor session. Nobody likes to look sweaty or shiny in their photos. We do offer indoor studio sessions with air conditioning if this is the case. If you have long hair and its a windy day on the beach or at the park, have a way to tame your hair for the best possible images. 

Consider the children: Please schedule around small childrens' happy times. If we are trying to take pictures during a nap time or after shots, its not likely to be smooth sailing. We are kid pros, but a happy baby/toddler makes your session a lot easier for you and us. We try our best to be done with the kids before they are bored with us. Its a great idea to pack snacks/ bottles for encouragement and short "breaks" during the session. Happy kids make happy photos!

Consider the details: Your look should be complete from head to toe...and toes, fingernails, and shoes. Check kids for runny noses, face smudges, hair and clothes adjusted correctly, tucked/untucked shirts. We will help along the way, but we are focused on the best expressions and an extra set of eyes is always welcome. If you do not wish for something to show in the pictures, please let your photographer know BEFORE we start. 

Consider the feet: The perfect outfit, the perfect smile....grandma and grandpa are visiting from out of town, all the cousins are together. What a perfect moment for our family portrait wall...except that ONE pair of BRIGHT shoes that stick out like a sore thumb. It can be hard to match/coordinate a large group's clothing and shoes. In most cases, your feet will be in at least some photos. We take barefoot photos all the time when families are wearing casual clothes. 

If you do not wish for something to show in the pictures, please let your photographer know BEFORE we start. 


How to make the best use of my portraits

Think about your space: Are your walls tall or long? Do you have a casual of formal home decorating style? Do you know how much space you are working with? We are professionals and will provide you with a collection of ideas for your walls and space in your home. If we know before starting that you have a tall vs. wide wall, we can create imagery to fit your space specifically, as every session is custom. 

Think about your preferences: Do you like more traditional photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling? ....or do you prefer a more candid and interactive look? If you know you have certain look you want, please let your photographer know and he/she can focus more on that style. If you're not sure, we will create a good mixture and then you can decide.

Think about your decor: Do you like breezy and beachy? are you more of a bright colors and quirky family? Is your look more earthy and natural? Would canvas look better in your home or would framed prints be more your style? Do you like multi-image collages or one favorite image as a centerpiece on your wall? We offer all of these things and if you haven't thought about it before ordering, it can be overwhelming. We will help and guide you, but having a basic idea of your likes will help you to choose the best combination to fit your taste.

Think about sharing: You've put in all the time and planning to make these beautiful images of your  loved who else is going to want their own copy of your legacy? A list of sizes and people helps you make it through this part of your decision-making process. Don't forget grandma! We offer sizes from wallets up to 30x40 canvas portraits and everything in between. 



Personalization is what we are ALL about!


Does your family have an annual tradition of going to theme parks wearing matching outfits? - bring them!

Do you have a favorite sports team?- pack your jersey for your session!

Did grandma send the whole family a silly hat or socks? - wear them!

Got a tiny fashionista in the family? - let her show off those sparkling accessories!

We are open to new and creative ideas for you session. Call and talk with our team so we can help build a collection of images that shows off your personality and individual style. The more we understand your goals, the easier it is to create what you want.

We can't wait to work with you!